Want a good nights sleep? Buy a mattress with confidence.
Our Company Difference
Unlike the average mattress store, we don’t force fit you to a limited selection of mattresses on the showroom floor. Instead, we custom fit our mattress to you - creating the ideal mattress for you to get a great night’s sleep.
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Our Mattress Difference
We custom tailor your mattress in order to ensure maximum comfort. If your comfort needs change days, weeks, months, or even years later,we can make changes to your mattress to get it just right again. You just can’t get this level of custom tailored comfort and service with regular mattresses.
“If you just want to buy a mattress, go to one of the chain stores. If you want to get a good night’s sleep, come to Select Sleep Mattress.” -Don Vesey
The Natural Choice
Store Hours: Tues - Sat 10am to 6pm Sun 12pm to 5pm Closed on Mondays
“A quality, supportive mattress is very important for maintaining proper spinal alignment.” -Dr. Manfred Alkhas (Chiropractic Injury Specialist)
Visit Select Sleep Mattress to get a more comfortable night’s rest on a mattress that’s tailored to fit you… ...for a lower price
Contact Info: Select Sleep Mattress 30540 Union City Blvd. Union City, CA 94587 510.324.1628
If you want to enjoy a good night’s sleep, you’re in the right place.
Why Select Sleep
10 year limited warranty.
Q:What materials are inside a Select Sleep Mattress? A: The customer can choose any materials and components that are offered, to create their own individual mattress.
Don Vesey Of Select Sleep Mattress
Available materials include High Density Foams, Memory Foams, Latex Foams, and Coil Springs.
*10 year limited warranty: •Defects Covered: Workmanship and materials. •Limitations: Original Purchaser  •Remedy: Repair or replace at factory’s option •Normal Wear: Body Impression •If a mattress settles more than 1 inch, not associated with a sag in the box spring, during the warranty period, we will repair or replace your mattress at our discretion. •Does not apply to damage from abuse, neglect, or stains.
Q:Do I need a box spring for my mattress? A: Select Sleep mattresses can go on a platform bed with slats, on a foundation, or on the floor.
A lot of places often call themselves factory direct, but where is their factory?  Select Sleep Mattress is truly special because our factory is actually on-site. You can actually stop in  and see where your mattress is produced.
Q:Do You Deliver? A: Yes, we deliver to the greater Bay Area. Delivery charges range from $25 and up based on distance and location.
Q:How long does it take to produce a Select Sleep mattress? A: From the time your order is placed, your mattress should be complete within 5 business days, unless the order requires
Frequently Asked Questions
special order components.
Q:Do I need anything else with my Select Sleep Mattress? A: We do recommend using a mattress protector to prevent Dust Mites and Allergens from taking up residence in your
mattress. Also, a mattress protector is water proof and willhelp to prevent stains from accidents and spills.
“I wasted alot of time shopping for a mattress at the typical mattress retailers and wish I stumbled across Select Sleep Mattress earlier.” -Monique D, Oakland, CA
Truly factory direct, on-site facility for made to order mattresses.
Why choose Select Sleep Mattress? In a word: Experience
Chong Yiu Of Select Sleep Mattress
Select Sleep Mattress owner Don Vesey has been a leader in the mattress business since 1962. Don sold his first successful mattress company in 1999. In 2000, Don founded Select Sleep Mattress - a factory direct mattress manufacturing company and showroom in Union City, CA. Don’s direct interaction with consumers was invaluable as it influenced him to completely rethink how the mattress industry was designing their products and how the designs didn’t seem to address the consumers’ differeing needs. Don completely redesigned his mattresses and began providing tailored mattresses that meet differing needs, provide a great nights sleep, and sell for less than an off the shelf mattress from a chain store.
In March 2010, Don hired Chong Yiu - who has become Don’s right hand man in the Select Sleep Mattress showroom. Chong is a natural when it comes to helping a client find the perfect mattress for their needs. Judging by the numerous Yelp reviews singing Chong’s praises, you will be in good hands with either Don or Chong serving you. Oh and just in case you were wondering, neither Don nor Chong are compensated on a commission basis, so you can always enjoy a no-pressure visit to the Select Sleep Mattress showroom.
We take pride in our workmanship and materials. If you are the original purchaser of the mattress we will cover the repair of any defects in our workmanship or defects in our materials used.* We also have a 6 Month Comfort Guarantee to ensure that you go home with the maximum amount of comfort that you will find on any mattress, anywhere.
We are committed to ensuring that you take home the deepest level of comfort possible, and our 6 Month Comfort service will guarantee it.
At Select Sleep Mattress we personally care about your ongoing comfort. This is why we have a 6 Month Comfort Guarantee. We realize that trying out a mattress for only a short time period in our showroom may result in a different experience when you actually sleep on it at home every night. We want to be sure you have the opportunity to settle into  total comfort.
Enjoy peace of mind with our stress-free 6-Month Comfort Guarantee. Relax knowing that we will assist you beyond that, too.
Let’s say anytime within the first 6 months after you have purchased our mattress, you find that the mattress is no longer comfortable. All you have to do is give us a call. We’ll ask you to visit our showroom to try out other configurations. Once you have decided on your new configuration, we will schedule a time for you to drop off the part of the mattress that needs to be adjusted, and we will reconfigure it at no cost to you. This process is done within the same day so you won’t have to go without a bed to sleep in. You can fine tune your mattress as many times as you like within the first 6 months. (Additional charges only apply to component upgrades, or transportation costs for pick up.) Have just one side that is uncomfortable for your partner? Not a problem! We are able to make adjustments to only one side of your mattress too. It’s just that simple.
What makes Select Sleep Mattress different? Personal Care.
We spend 1/3 of our lives on our mattresses and it has a direct impact on the other 2/3 of our lives. Naturally, it’s important to buy a quality mattress that fits perfectly to you.
*6 Month Comfort Guarantee: •For the first 6 months after the purchase of your Select Sleep mattress, you may request an adjustment to the firmness of your mattress. •Call the store where you purchased the mattress and they will arrange for the factory to pick-up your mattress and make the necessary adjustments to your satisfaction. •You will be charged for the transportation cost of picking up and returning your mattress. (Ranges from $50 to $120. Prices subject to change.) •Additional charges may be incurred if a material upgrade is required.
Here’s how our 6 Month Comfort Guarantee works...
Hours Tue-Sat: 10am to 6pm Sun: 12pm-5pm Mon: Closed Credit Cards Amex, Discover, MasterCard, & Visa
Peace of Mind
Natural and Organic Materials
Address 30540 Union City Blvd Union City, CA 94587 Phone Call: 510.324.1628 Fax: 510.324.1626
Select Sleep is continually looking for ways to be more environmentally friendly. We have already accomplished the following: •Maximum vegetable oil content in all foam products, replacing petrochemicals. •We use recycled new fibers from the clothing industry in all insulator materials. •Water based adhesives used wherever bonding is required to provide product integrity •Converted all factory lighting to LED lighting, combined with motion sensors to turn off lighting when no one is in an area, thus reducing energy usage. •Reduced landfill waste from production by 50% through recycling.
So what are you waiting for? Bring home the incredible  comfort of your own, natural, Select Sleep Mattress today!
Environmentally Conscious.
Enjoy your Select Sleep purchase by customizing your mattress with the highest quality, environmentally friendly, natural materials.
Natural Materials. The Natural Choice.
Select Sleep offers organic and natural materials, allowing a customer to choose a completely natural, chemical free mattress, with a choice of many comfort levels
At Select Sleep Mattress you can either build your mattress entirely out of Natural and Environmentally materials, or we give you the option to choose the specific components you would like to have created using our natural materials. The choice is yours. We offer the following Natural options for your Select Sleep Mattress: •100% Natural Latex •Blended Natural and Synthetic Latex •Talalay or Dunlop Process Available •100% Cotton Covers •Wool Fiber Barriers •100% Cotton Binding Tape 100% Cotton Insulators •All Natural Foundations
So what are you waiting for? Bring home the incredible  comfort of your own Select Sleep Mattress today!
Incredible Comfort Designed by You.
Our mattress comes in two separate levels; the Comfort Level and the Support Level. The comfort level, on the top, can be made from High Density Foam, (Gel) Memory Foam, or Natural or Synthetic Latex. The Support Level can be built using Posture Coil, Posture Pocket, Posture Board, or Posture Foam. Combining these two layers creates one complete Select Sleep mattress. (A foundation, which is optional, can be purchased to support the mattress, if one is required.
This is the Top Layer. The top layer is where you establish your ideal level of comfort. You may choose materials such as natural latex, memory foam, or high density foam.
So now you know why you should choose Select Sleep Mattress, and how we’re different. 
Now we would like to show you our mattress building process
This is the Support Level. We customize your support level to your liking by using posture coil, posture pocket, posture board, or posture foam.
This is the Foundation (optional). For the Foundation we have 3 separate levels for you to choose from which are Heavy, Natural, Adjustable, or Standard.